Pin distribution

Quantum Solutions has developed a system that enables you to sell any recharge card or electronic pre-paid card. Our system is advanced and has the capability to handle multiple providers, and multiple nominations within the same system.  We have solutions for different ways of e-pin distribution. We have the solution you are looking for it is pin vending machines, prepaid card systems, recharge card printing, or handheld POS pin vending machines..
Our system will benefit anyone who sells pins, prepaid cards, recharge cards, or sells any form of daily, monthly, or yearly subscriptions. The main benefits are:
  • No more need to print cards.
  • No more need to secure the inventory of printed recharge cards.
  • No more theft of cards
  • Real Time statistics – you will know exactly how much is sold and what your balance is
  • Multiple distribution of prepaid platforms
  • Easy to expand with new outlets
  • Have access to your account via the Virtual Office anywhere you have Internet access