For wholesalers, we offer a many benefits by using our software and website.
You will save a lot of money, because you don’t need to print scratch cards. By using our electronic system, there is no need to print these cards anymore. Our electronic system also allows you distribute the e-Pins or eVouchers. If you are dealing with Agents or Retailers that have an account with you, our back office allows you to take full control, while displaying a full overview of all the activity inside your own distribution network.
Here are some of the benefits:
  • Eliminate the cost of securing and transporting scratch cards.
  • Eliminate the risk of theft, loss, or physical damage to scratch cards.
  • Reduce the cost of human resources required to manually handle bulk quantities of scratch cards.
  • Use of our portal will instantaneously multiply the reach of your services, and cover every part of the country.
  • There are various avenues on how Retailers can sell the e-Pins or eVouchers, via POS Terminals, Bulk card print software, PC based POS software.
  • Benefit from the popularity and high usage of QRecharge to gain extra publicity and awareness for your services.