Start a Recharge card business

“How do I start a recharge card business”? That is the Million dollar question!

There are more than 60 million Nigerians that buy recharge cards on a daily basis, and some of them spend as much as N200,000 on a monthly basis. So how do you tap into the recharge card business, and convert the above figures into substantial cash that ends up in your bank account?

GSM operators are willing to recruit just about anyone who is interested in being an affiliated recharge card merchant.  The more agents they have, the more of their product will be available on the market. The only problem is that the amount of money needed to pursue this venture is very discouraging. Most operators are asking for a mandatory minimum investment that starts on average of N1.5 million or even more. This is a substantial amount of money for some people, and this fee ONLY covers one operator. Due to the given circumstances, this becomes really expensive if you consider offering all the cards from major operators like, MTN, GLO and ZAIN. It becomes a hassle to stock all the nominations of recharge cards that are available, so the start-up cost can easily exceed N5 million!!! Think you can’t afford it? As you read further, you will get excited to hear that there is another way to get started in the recharge card business.

Recharge card business for a low budget!

With every business you need to have some money to start. This is also the case when you get into the recharge card business as a small scale investor. The amount of money you need is considerably smaller, but still substantial. You need at least N100,000, a computer with Internet access, and a printer for those interested in recharge card printing. If you are wondering how this is possible, Quantum Recharge has developed a system that gives you access to all recharge cards for one low investment!

Our service allows you to stock all the nominations of recharge cards for MTN, ZAIN and GLO! Our system will give you access to any recharge card operator.  How is this possible? QRecharge has the technology that was built specifically for small scale investor. It is pointless and you will realize it is virtually impossible to start selling MTN recharge cards with N20,000, however the QRecharge system allows you to start selling recharge pins for MTN, ZAIN, and GLO all at the same time, from one POS terminal or computer and for the same costs that you would have used to start selling for only one provider or even less.

How do I get started?

The process to get started is simple. First of all you need to fill in the recharge business application form online. When you have completed this form we will contact you and set up your account for QRecharge.

  • The next step will be to put money into your QRecharge account, which enables you to start selling pins issued by all of the operators. It is as easy as going to the bank and depositing cash into our account, so we can credit your account. Our online virtual office allows you to login to your own virtual office to see all your transactions, transaction history, cash deposits, and sales.

As soon as your account is active, you then can decide how you want to start selling the recharge cards. Our system is very flexible, and you can choose one or all of the followoing options that are available.

What are the available options for me??

PC Based recharge card printing – print one or multiple recharge cards from your computer. This is an inexpensive solution for small retailers and vendors who use a PC in their store, or just want to pre-print the cards to sell for the day.

Personal Virtual Terminal – connect to our personal virtual terminal on the web and sell/print a recharge card for personal use.

Business Virtual Terminal – connect to our business virtual terminal on the web and print recharge cards for your employees. Keep track of total recharge spending, or break it down individually by employee.

Recharge Card Sales Website – your own branded website to sell recharge cards.

Mobile phone recharge sales – use your phone to sell recharge cards

POS terminal – use a handheld device to print and sell recharge cards. This is the perfect solution for retailers and vendors of recharge cards.

As you can see, there is a solution for everyone. If you are selling only a few cards to make some extra cash, or if you are a wholesaler that has a large network of retailers, we have you covered.

QRecharge gives you the opportunity to make some serious money by entering the biggest market available in Nigeria. It is up to you on how much money you are going to make, however the possibilities with QRecharge are now endless! Click and join QRecharge today it is FREE to join!

Are You Ready To Make Money with Selling Recharge Cards?