Manual POS Terminal

Instruction Recharge Card Terminal

Layout of the terminal keyboard:

Alphanumeric Keypad. Recharge Car Printer - to print e-pins
Up and Down Buttons – when there are more menu options,
you use these keys to scroll through the menu options
Function Key. This key will give you access to menu
options, like reports and settings.
Cancel Button – When you need to cancel a menu choice,
press this button. This will bring you back to the Home Menu
Clear Button – When you are entering a string, pressing
this button will clear all entered letters, otherwise it will clear the
menu selection and will go back one step in the menu.
Delete Button – Deletes one letter, when you entering
Feed Button – Will feed the paper in the printer.
Power Button – Press this to power on or off the
Enter or OK button – Used to confirm your action.

This terminal connects to the internet via GPRS. You need a data SIM card. You need to get the following information from your carrier so that you can set up your terminal:

APN, Username and Password.

When you get this information turn on your terminal by pressing the power button  The terminal will start up and will show you the following display:

Select the language you want.
Press  for English
Use the numeric keypad to enter the APN.
To enter MTN you press
give you the M
gives your the T
gives you the N
To save and go to the next step press
Now you enter the username needed to access the internet. User the numeric keypad again to enter. Press to go to the next step
Now you enter the pasword needed to access the internet. User the numeric keypad again to enter. Press to go to the next step
QRecharge will provide you with an Account No. This you have to enter here by using the numeric keypad and press to continue to the next step.
The terminal ID will also be provide by QRecharge. You need to enter this now here and press to continue.
The password for you QRecharge Account will also be provide by QRecharge. You need to enter this now here and press to continue and finish the enrollment of the terminal.
Now you will get to the Main Home menu. To select an option you use the numeric keypad to make your selection.
To select pin products press
To select Topup products press
In this example we select the pin products.
After the selection of the pin products you will now get a list of all the carriers that are available. Select the carrier you want to sell the pin for.
We will select   to enter the area code of the customer phone number
Now you can enter the first 3 digits of the customer cellular phone number and the system will look up the carrier.
For this example we will enter    and press

You will see that the 803 is the carrier code for MTN

The display now will show you all the pin values that are available for MTN. You select by using the numeric keypad.
We will select and select a 100 Naira pin.
You will be now asked to enter your pin. If you have multiple employees, each will get their own pin, so that you can see what was sold by which employee. The pin is numeric, so we will use the numeric keypad to enter our pin, which is in this case 1234
and hit enter to complete the pin sale
The terminal will now print your receipt, which you can give to your customer. You will be able to customise your receipt to include your own information or advertising.

The display will now return to the home screen.


The additional functions for the terminal can be accessed by pressing the
function button.

The following function are available
Shift report. Select this to start or stop your shift and print out your shift
to generate reports, summary or detailed and by date
To see you Account balance
To change the setting for the terminal

1 Shift

2 Reports

Select which report you want to run
Pin report – will generate report of all the Pin sales
Topup – will generate report of all the Topup sales
Pin + Topup – will generate a combine sales report for Pins and Topup sales
Select the report type you want to generate
Detail report – will show all individual transactions
Summary report – will generate a summary of all transactions
Select the date for which you want to generate the report
– Today report
-Yesterday report
-By Date
When you have selected By Date, you will now asked to enter the date that you
want the report to be generated for:
Format is DDMMYYYY

DD – day of the month  like 01 for the first day of the month
MM – month   like 01 for January
YYYY – year like 2010
To complete enter 

Now you will be show a preview of how many pages are there in the report.
– To print page by page
– Print all pages
– Abort printing

3 Account

You can have different account functions. Select the account you
want to get the balance for.
Select either you want to print or just to view the balance
– To show the balance
– To print the balance
You will be asked to enter your pin for security reasons.

After you entered your PIN enter to view or print the balance

Here you see your current balance for your selected account.

4 Settings

The settings menu allow you to change the settings of the terminal
-To set the GPRS Settings (See setup)
-To set your QAccount information (See setup)
-To set the language of the terminal
-To reload all the menus and products