POS recharge cards terminals

QRecharge Pin Pos

We offer the possibility to use a handheld POS terminal, similar to the credit card terminals to perform the transactions. These POS terminals are completely integrated with our recharge card distribution solution.

All our terminals are in contact with our POS server, via the internet. We have different options how you can connect. Ethernet, WIFI, or GPRS.
All transactions are done over a secure connection, and each transaction requires a pin from the employee or user before a transaction can be completed.

The POS Terminals are very easy and simple to use
The first step is to select the carrier. To chose an option you enter the number on the terminal keypad.

So if you want to sell pins for MTN you enter 1. The screen will change and show you the next menu.

After selecting the carrier you will see now the menu with the different available pins. You just enter the number of the option you want to choose.
For security you have to enter now your personal pin, so that only employees with a valid pin number can complete a transaction. After entering the correct pin, the eVoucher will automatically starts to print. More information about how the terminal works can be found here