Quantum Recharge

Quantum Recharge (QRecharge) specializes in the distribution of Pre-Paid Pin via POS terminals, and web based virtual interface. QRecharge is currently based in the West African country of Nigeria, and will be shortly expanding to the other West African countries.

QRecharge provides real live time reporting, using a web based electronic pin distribution solutions used by cellular service providers, land line carriers cable TV providers, and Internet cafes. Wholesalers, distributors agents, and retailers can easily access their account from anywhere and effectively distribution their pins. QRecharge is the unmatched solution that meets the needs of any company that manages the distribution of electronic pins.

QRecharge is composed of a strong team of specialists that have years of experience in the POS pin distribution.. Our solutions and hardware gives agents as well as retailers the flexibility to sell pins from their homes, offices, retail stores, public venues, and events. QRecharge can assist you where and whenever there is a demand for electronic pin distribution. This is done by utilizing wireless portable terminals that work with WiFi, GSM, PCS, or CDMA networks, not to mention our web based virtual terminal that can be accessed from your cell phone.

Our Goals

  • To offer the most economical, hassle-free, and flexible electronic pin distribution solution in Africa
  • To continually improve our products and services for the advantage of our clients.

QRecharge aims to achieve our goals by providing our clients with the best turnkey POS electronic solutions for

  • Phone card/pin distribution
  • Satellite TV subscription
  • Plus various other solutions coming soon

What our POS Terminals will do for you

  1. Our POS Terminals provide support for multiple merchants and carriers, making it possible to distribute electronic pins to extremely remote locations where services are limited.
  2. Due to their ease of use, functionality, and unique features, our POS terminal will increase sales, store traffic, and will save you time.
  3. Our POS terminals are simple to install. They can be easily installed at shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, bars, schools, and institution. Their unique size allows them to fit on your counter top without taking up much space.
  4. Ready and Go is the name of our POS system. There is minimal setup needed to start using our POS system. Simply logon with the use of our web based Virtual Terminal, and you are instantly ready to do business.
  5. Our POS terminals will reduce your operating cost by eliminating phone card printing, thus providing you with better security, efficient inventory management, and distribution.
  6. Our POS terminal vending increases pin security and eliminates card inventory risk and liability. No sale can be made without your authorized PIN code.